Augustus Invictus: Attorney for the Damned


I have been maliciously prosecuted by the police and by attorneys

I have been thrown in isolation and starved for crimes I did not commit

I have been illegally targeted for mistreatment by corrections officers

I have been convicted in the court of public opinion without the opportunity of a trial

I have seen slander admitted as evidence in court

I have watched prosecutors repeatedly break the law to push false charges

I have witnessed the total breakdown of the rule of law

I have had a front row seat to corruption you could not imagine

I know what it is to feel that your lawyer and everyone else has forgotten you

I know the feeling of being without news for weeks and months at a time

I know the pain of being incarcerated on your kids’ birthdays

I know what you are going through

Your lawyer says he understands – but does he?

I was set up on false charges and left for dead

I have survived, and so can you



Raised by a criminal defense lawyer, Invictus has practiced criminal law since the beginning of his career. As a Fellow at the International Human Rights Law Institute, Invictus focused on human trafficking in the context of international criminal law. As a criminal defense lawyer, he has defended people accused of human trafficking and drug trafficking, terrorism and other violent crimes.


In many cases, criminal accusations affect the entire family. Men are often jailed without cause and without evidence, and their children can be taken from them with nothing more than a false accusation. Mr. Invictus has successfully defended husbands and fathers and has been grateful for the opportunity to reunite broken families.


“I can’t tell you how amazing it is to find an attorney that actually communicates with his clients!!
“When I call Mr. Invictus, he either talks to me on that phone call or I can expect a call back within 24 hours. And if it’s an emergency I’m calling about – even sooner.
“Furthermore, Mr. Invictus actually LISTENS to me. He doesn’t talk over me or ignore me. He listens, asks questions to get very clear about the situation, then he offers an educated and well thought out opinion.
“He doesn’t just do whatever, he talks with me about strategy, what he wants to do, and what he expects the outcome to be.
“All in all, this quality makes Mr. Invictus a top flight lawyer, but when you add to this his deep knowledge and understanding of law and legal theory…
“I wouldn’t want anyone else on my side in a legal proceeding!”

– E.F.

“My experience with Mr. Invictus could most aptly be described as both painless and pleasant. He was very fair and willing to work with my current financial situation at that time, which was a huge stress relief. He was both tenacious and valiant in the courtroom. No nonsense, to the point, cultured and competent. It is with the highest accolades I would sign his recommendation.”

– L.L.

“The Invictus Law Firm was a lighthouse in the storm for me, my family, and my business. Aside from operating at a level of professionalism and trust from a bygone era, the insight and support provided by the firm was second to none. When I first knew I needed to contact a law firm because of the legal challenges I was facing at the time, I’ll readily admit I was both frustrated and confused. I’m grateful at how quickly Augustus and his team set my concerns at ease and put that most challenging period behind me. I would recommend the Invictus Law Firm without any hesitation.”

– J.M.C.G.

“I hired Mr. Invictus when the FBI were trying to coerce me into physically coming into their office to answer questions concerning a person who had strong political beliefs. The FBI were relentless in trying to bully me, but once Mr. Invictus took my case I was able to refer the FBI to my attorney and get them off my back.
“We need more attorneys like Mr. Invictus who will fight for our civil liberties and who aren’t afraid of the corrupt, powerful, elitists wanting to take away our constitutional rights. Having a solid attorney helps me sleep at night!”

– L.S.

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